Should your photos be available for sale or not?

When submitting pictures and videoes, the photographer must consider whether the pictures should be available for sale on Visit Scandinavia’s website or not.

The pictures and videoes may be sold through Visit Scandinavia’s picture portal on the Internet, or by direct request.

Visit Scandinavia will only sell pictures for which the photographer has permissioned such sales. Upon submission, the photographer will make a decision on whether these pictures can be sold or not.

Pictures which are not submitted with permission to sell will not be displayed on websites where pictures are being sold, but the pictures will still be visible on other websites belonging to Visit Scandinavia, and the pictures are equal contenders in the competition even if they are not available for sale.

Visit Scandinavia determines the selling price of the pictures. There is no fixed price. The prices vary depending on quality, attractiveness, and uniqueness. 70% of the advance on the picture goes to the photographer. The photographer will receive payment 33 days after the purchase of the picture/video took place.